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Asian Americans in Sports: The Jeremy Lin Effect

Student Center, Illinois Room

Jeremy Lin: the man with many nicknames and even more fans. The New York Knicks’ hottest point guard has taken the world by storm with his own brand of “Linsanity”. Come out and have a discussion about the way that Asians have impacted the world of sports.

Claiborne’s leaked Wonderlic result ugly side of draft prep

(Source: USA Today)

The draft games are in full swing, and it seems Morris Claiborne is paying the price.

The LSU cornerback projected to go in the top five at the NFL draft on April 26 scored a 4 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test taken at the scouting combined in February, according to Pro Football Talk, citing multiple league sources.

The results are supposed to be confidential, but as draft day draws near, information such as this has a tendency to leak out. None of that means anything to Claiborne’s agent, Bus Cook, who defended his client.


The White Coach’s Burden

(Source: Racialicious)

During my “glory days” playing high school football–among other positions I played linebacker–there was a game where, after several tackles (pretty amazing tackles if I remember them correctly), I found myself rolling on the ground in pain. Their running back decided to thrust his helmet into my gut leaving me gasping for air. I would later find out that the opposing coach encouraged his players to “take me out”: a helmet to the gut would do that for at least one play.

The fact that a nobody player in a nothing high-school football game between two tiny private schools in Los Angeles was “taken out” illustrates how encouraged violence is part and parcel to football culture, even if there were no “‘knockouts’…worth $1,500 and ‘cart-offs’ $1,000, with payments doubled or tripled for the playoffs,” rewards uncovered as part of the New Orleans Saints’ “bounty program” last week.


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