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Assurant Employee Benefits Introduces Disability Plan Evaluation Tool

(Source: The Sacramento Bee)

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 3, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — With a disabling injury occurring once every second in the U.S., disability insurance is an increasingly important tool to help people maintain their fiscal security. However, individual payments can vary depending on their employer’s disability plan. To help make disability calculations easier to understand, Assurant Employee Benefits developed the industry’s first online tools that compare how the indexing methods and offsets of various plans affect disability benefits.

“Contrary to popular belief, all disability plans are not created equal,” said Scott Horstman, disability product manager with Assurant Employee Benefits. “In fact, they can vary depending on indexing, or how an individual qualifies for benefits, and offsets like Social Security and return to work earnings, which determine the amount of benefit they are eligible to receive. This tool will help brokers and employers evaluate the different options and how they impact the payout a disabled employee will receive from their disability plan, which can impact their level of income protection for the long term.”

The new offset and indexing tool includes three user-friendly modules, including return to work offsets, social security offsets and indexing. Each module includes email functionality so brokers and employers can easily share the information with others.



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