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Shaima Al Awadi: Hijab or Hoodie, it’s always about race panic

(Source: Occupy | Decolonize | Liberate)

Iraqi mother, Shaima Al Awadi, dies after being beaten with tire iron. The racist note next to her body. Social media full of outrage.

Hijab or Hoodie, it’s always about race panic: Trayvon Martin?

Hoodies and Hijabs: Uncovering Injustice
Wake Forest and Salem Students, organized by Muslim peers, came together to show solidarity with Trayvonn Martin and Shaima Al Awadhi. Students are calling on our community leaders to condemn hate crimes and make sure our community is a safe place for everyone.

(Source: Occupy | Decolonize | Liberate)


On Appropriate Victims: More on Trayvon Martin and Other Names You Need to Know

(Source: The Crunk Feminist Collective)

Part of the reason folks rallied in reaction to Trayvon Martin’s murder has to do with ideas about who is an appropriate or worthy victim. He was shot by a vigilante, he wasn’t armed, he was a good student, had some class privilege, he was doing something mundane, simply returning from buying Skittles and ice tea. He was “innocent” and killed in cold blood.

We have an idea of who is deserving of support en masse and who is not. And for similar reasons we thought, with 911 tapes, eyewitness testimony, national outrage that it would result in a prosecution in the very least. If anything, the murder of Trayvon Martin shows us once again that there is no such thing as an “appropriate” Black victim.


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