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PETA: Enough with the sex and the vegetables and the “shock tactics” already! WE GET IT.

(Source: BitchMedia)

PETA has a long history of using over-the-top sexual imagery and shock tactics to get attention. Hell, they’re even launching a porn site. (Yes, it’s real. No, it doesn’t make any sense and I can’t fathom who would visit the site either.) I’m no expert, but when your animal rights organization launches a for-profit pornography website, I think you might be doing it wrong.

PETA isn’t content to restrict its sex-sells messaging to the porn site, either. The latest campaign features a woman walking down the street in her bra and underwear in a neck brace, a result of rough (like, put your head through the wall and land you in a neck brace rough) sex with her newly vegan boyfriend. Is this a PSA for sexual assault? No. It’s PETA’s attempt to shock us into adopting a vegan diet (or making our partners eat vegan, thus giving them the skills to leave us neck-braced and dazed enough that we forget to wear clothes to the grocery store). Because PETA thinks we should want sex to end in a neck brace, I guess?


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