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Why We Need Marriage Equality in New Jersey

(Source: Lamba Legal)

On October 10, 2010, Daniel Weiss got a phone call no one wants to get. His civil union partner, John Grant, with whom he lived in Asbury Park, New Jersey, had been hit by a car in New York City. John was at Bellevue Hospital and was hemorrhaging in his brain.

When Daniel arrived, doctors weren’t sure whether John would live or die. Daniel had a health care proxy for John. But it was the middle of the night; he had rushed to the hospital, and he didn’t have documents with him. When Daniel began to ask about John’s care, a nurse asked him who he and John were to each other and indicated that he needed to leave the room. A neurosurgeon on the scene, trying to defuse the tension, asked whether John and Daniel were married. Daniel  explained:  “I said that we had a civil union in New Jersey,” Daniel says. “And the neurosurgeon asked me, ‘What is that?’”



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