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Gay Activist’s Death Prompts Custody Pass Review

(Source:  CBC News)

Friends of Raymond Taavel participate in a vigil on Tuesday in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Friends of Raymond Taavel participate in a vigil on Tuesday in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (Mike Dembeck/Canadian Press)

Government officials in Nova Scotia will review the release from custody of a man accused of beating a gay rights activist to death.

Andre Denny is charged with second-degree murder of Raymond Taavel.

Taavel, 49, was killed early Tuesday after leaving Menz Bar on Gottingen Street.

Denny was arrested soon after in a nearby alley. (more…)


Killing of Bangladeshi Labor Organizer Signals an Escalation in Violence

(Source: New York Times)

Andrew Biraj/Reuters
Residents cleaned up after fires were set in 2010 by garment workers in Ashulia, Bangladesh, who were demanding higher wages.

DHAKA, Bangladesh — A labor activist who was arrested two years ago for his role in protests against low wages in Bangladesh’s garment industry was found murdered outside this city last week, labor rights advocates and the police said on Monday.


Shaima Al Awadi: Hijab or Hoodie, it’s always about race panic

(Source: Occupy | Decolonize | Liberate)

Iraqi mother, Shaima Al Awadi, dies after being beaten with tire iron. The racist note next to her body. Social media full of outrage.

Hijab or Hoodie, it’s always about race panic: Trayvon Martin?

Hoodies and Hijabs: Uncovering Injustice
Wake Forest and Salem Students, organized by Muslim peers, came together to show solidarity with Trayvonn Martin and Shaima Al Awadhi. Students are calling on our community leaders to condemn hate crimes and make sure our community is a safe place for everyone.

(Source: Occupy | Decolonize | Liberate)

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