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The Real Irish American Story Not Taught in Schools

(Source: Common Dreams)

“Wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or get pinched.” That pretty much sums up the Irish American “curriculum” that I learned when I was in school. Yes, I recall a nod to the so-called Potato Famine, but it was mentioned only in passing.

What is not often taught in schools or known by the many who routinely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, is that throughout the Irish ‘Potato famine’ there was an abundance of food produced in Ireland, yet the landlords exported it to markets abroad.



Author tells story of Illinois slave

(Source: Daily Egyptian)

Even though Illinois was considered a slavery-free state, Lydia Titus had to win her freedom four times while living within the state’s borders.

Even though the Mason Dixon Line placed Illinois into the free states, slaves could still legally be brought into Illinois during the early 1800s. Darrel Dexter, an author, historian and high-school teacher from Cairo, shared stories gleaned from his research of slavery in Illinois on Tuesday at John C. Guyon Auditorium in Morris Library.


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