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Women May Have Tougher Time Paying Student Loan Debt Due to Gender Pay Gap

(Source: US News)

Women graduate from Kettering University in Flint, Mich.

As the general election approaches, President Obama and Mitt Romney are working to win over every voting bloc they can. Most recently, the two candidates have been ardently courting the women’s vote and those still carrying student loans. It might be worth the candidates’ worthwhile to lump the two voting blocs together.

Women receive a majority of the bachelor’s degrees granted in the U.S., attending largely the same institutions and paying the same tuition rates for their undergraduate degrees as men. Given the pay gap between genders, there is a question worth asking: Since women are both concentrated in lower-paying jobs and almost universally earn less than their male co-workers, will they have a tougher time paying down their student loan debt? (more…)


Gender-Based Wage Gaps Persist in State and Nation

(Source: Baltimore Sun)

Women make considerably less money than men in Maryland: 83 cents to the dollar, according to a study released last week.

Windsor Mill resident Alison Assanah-Carroll was not surprised by the finding from the National Partnership for Women & Families, which showed that nearly a half-century after the federal Equal Pay Act was enacted, women are still paid less than men, not only in Maryland but nationwide.

“It’s not just a grave disparity, it’s a travesty,” said Assanah-Carroll, a former assistant regional census manager, who said that she earned less than her male counterparts even though she had better educational credentials and, in some cases, more experience. (more…)

Down Syndrome Student Fights to Keep Playing Sports

(Source: CNN)

After spending a Sunday afternoon with Eric Dompierre and his parents it’s clear that they’re extremely grateful that Eric has always been included.

Eric Dompierre has Down syndrome, but he’s been welcome to play sports with other kids in Ishpeming Michigan since he was in elementary school.

“We didn’t know how far he’d go, how many coaches would keep him on the team,” says Dean Dompierre, Eric’s father.

When he got to high school, Eric was invited to keep playing. Now he’s on both the Ishpeming High School football and basketball teams. He attends every practice and works out with the other players and if it’s appropriate he plays a few minutes at the end of the game. (more…)

Inside the Silicon Valley Gender Gap

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

Young women tech entrepreneurs explain the hurdles, subtle and not, to reaching the top

They say that behind every great man there’s a great woman. It sounds like an outmoded sentiment of stodgy sexists, but even in the 21st-century tech world, it is still true.

At the biggest and most recognizable Internet companies–Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, and startup du jour Instagram–there are a few powerful women in the C-suites, but very few are at the head of the boardroom table.

Not only are many women at the top of Internet startups adjacent to the powerful men; they are also “tech-adjacent.” That is how Leslie Bradshaw sees herself. “I facilitate the tech, I make sure the money is coming in and that everyone is paid. But I myself am not deep into the code.” Bradshaw, 29, is president and COO of JESS3, a data visualization firm whose clients include C-SPAN and Google. (more…)

Women still confront yawning gender wage gap: study

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

(Blank Headline Received)

In most common occupations women still make less than men doing the same job for an equal amount of hours, according to new data released on Tuesday.

Overall they earn 77 cents for each dollar made annually by men and in some professions such as financial managers the number drops to 66 cents.”These gender wage gaps are not about women choosing to work less than men – the analysis is comparing apples to apples, men and women who all work full time – and we see that across 40 common occupations, men nearly always earn more than women,” said Ariane Hegewisch, a study director at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), a non-profit research organization.She added that the reasons are varied but discrimination law cases show that women are less likely to be selected for the best jobs, they get hired at a lower rate and don’t get equivalent raises to men over the years. (more…)

17 European Countries Force Transgender Sterilization (Map)

(Source: MotherJones)

People rightly flipped out across the internet last month over news that the Swedish parliament would not be repealing a barbaric law that forces sterilization on trans people seeking to change their gender on legal documents. While it’s despicable that Swedish politicians are opposing the law change, much of the outrage, no doubt, occurred because people previously didn’t realize that a forced sterilization law existed in Sweden.

Considering how shocking people find Sweden’s law, it’s worth pointing out the country is 1 of 17 in Europe (shown in red below) that require trans people to have a surgical procedure that results in sterilization before legal gender change is made to their identification ID. The law is currently under review in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Portugal, and in Ireland a name change (which acknowledged gender change) was granted for one woman after a legal challenge that went to the high courts, but no laws exist on the matter.


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