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Black Students Face Much Harsher Punishments in Public Schools

(Source: Democracy Now)

New data show black students face far harsher punishments in public schools than their white peers. Data released by the U.S. Department of Education show that while black students constituted only 18 percent of those enrolled in sample schools, they accounted for 39 percent of all school expulsions. Black students were three-and-a-half times as likely overall to be suspended or expelled than white students. School reports also showed that more than 70 percent of students involved in school-related arrests or referred to local law enforcement were black or Latino. Students of color with disabilities were also disproportionately subjected to physical restraints.

(Source: Democracy Now)


Paper Mill Offers Drama Class for Students with Disabilities

(Source: Millburn-ShortHills Patch)

Paper Mill Playhouse, partnering with VSA-NJ, will present its first-ever creative drama class for students ages 9 t o12 with developmental disabilities.

The class was designed specifically for these children and planned in cooperation with VSA-NJ, a state organization that provides arts programming for children and adults with disabilities. This brand-new class will include theater improvisation, story telling, music, movement and visual art. The series will creatively address and include diverse learning styles and modes of communication.

The classes will be held on-site at Paper Mill Playhouse, and will be instructed by Leslie Fanelli of VSA-NJ.


Elementary schools must teach about LGBT families

Ellen Kahn with her two daughters. (Blade file photo by Michael Key)

Only two out of 10 elementary school students have learned about same-sex-headed families, according to a new study commissioned by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Combine this with the fact that same-sex families with children live in 96 percent of counties in the United States, and we clearly have a failure to teach children about the world and people around them.

In its study, “Playgrounds and Prejudice: Elementary School Climate in the United States,” GLSEN found that during classroom discussions of families, nearly 90 percent of elementary school teachers said they taught students about different types of families—but less than a quarter included representations of LGB parents, and less than 10 percent included transgender parents.

Only a quarter reported “having personally engaged in efforts to create a safe and supportive classroom environment for families with LGBT parents.”


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