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Race + Comics: Is Bane Getting Racebent?

(Source: Racialicious)

Okay, so we know Tom Hardy can play someone who’s physically intimidating, based on his role in Bronson. But is casting him as a biracial Central American national problematic? … It could be. Assuming that’s the case at all.

In the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Hardy will be playing Bane, introduced in the comic-book world as a native of the fictional Caribbean country of Santa Prisca. The character was developed as a less-privileged mirror to Batman/Bruce Wayne, growing up in prison, serving the life sentence his father escaped from. Bane later goes on to terrorize Gotham City, and famously break Wayne’s back. Years later, Bane finally meets and battles his father, Sir Edmund Dorrance, a British assassin.



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