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Killing of Bangladeshi Labor Organizer Signals an Escalation in Violence

(Source: New York Times)

Andrew Biraj/Reuters
Residents cleaned up after fires were set in 2010 by garment workers in Ashulia, Bangladesh, who were demanding higher wages.

DHAKA, Bangladesh — A labor activist who was arrested two years ago for his role in protests against low wages in Bangladesh’s garment industry was found murdered outside this city last week, labor rights advocates and the police said on Monday.



The Shadows of the Shanties

(Source: bdnews24)

Photo courtesy: BRAC

Photo courtesy: BRAC

Why are people put on the streets? Why does even the question of “legality” apply indiscriminately to them and not many of who defy the law and grab lands on a daily basis? Why are laws applicable to mostly those who are powerless?

Thousands of people stranded under the open skies are supposed to be a pretty sight as long as it’s for stargazing. Last night they weren’t thanking God, they were cursing God’s men who bulldozed their way into their homes and flattened their lives out. The TNT bosti is hardly a ten-minute drive from where we live. Yet, we learnt about the news through a late night television bulletin. This is what we call an ideal case of disconnect.

At midnight, my husband, Annis and I went to see them. Who were we going to meet? Only the residents of the area that no more stood as their home or their identity. That space had been occupied by most of them for over two decades. Yet today, their habitat defied legality. Most of them have been paying rent to a few ever-powerful mastaans of the area; some have just continued living there by erecting their own tin sheds and had hoped to do so forever. Unfortunately for the poor, ‘forever’ does not exist.


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