Lesar Law Forum, 7pm today

Spring 2012 Speakers Forum Panelists
Clayton Zamudio
Mercedes Alvear
Mohanad Ajina
Miguela Marzolf
Cate Alber

Obsessed with social media?
Intrigued by civic engagement?
Want to get involved in public discourse?

This semester the topic is “Strategizing Social Media: Democracy, Censorship, & Civic Engagement”

With the rise in social media users we question how our tweets, messages, and wall posts participate in democracy, censorship, and civic engagement. We ask:
* Is social media really “social?”
* Is social media inherently democratic?
* Can “tweeting” really enact revolutionary change?
* Is there a place for censorship on social media websites?
* When does protection of intellectual property become censorship?
* Do we censor ourselves on social media sites?
* What are SOPA/PIPA & ACTA and what role do they play in democracy?
* Should corporations be held accountable for their participation in social media?
* Should corporations be held accountable for the ways they enact (or limit) civic engagement?
* Does the rise of the internet as a public civic space correlate to the decline of physical public places of civic engagement?
* How effective is social media as a site or producer of civic engagement?
* Looking at places like Syria and Egypt, or the SIU strike last semester, was social media helpful or hurtful to the overall cause?
* Does posting a youtube video constitute civic engagement?

TWEET YOUR THOUGHTS on this semester’s topic using #speakersforum

Located in the Lesar Law Auditorium, the Speakers Forum is an event that happens once per semester. As a public forum, SIUC students come together to give public presentations on the topic of the semester. The intent of the Speakers’ Forum is to provide students an arena to publicly present their perspectives in public speaking arena and practice/engage in public dialogue. Panelists present to an audience of approximately 150-200 people. Moderators will introduce and sometimes summarize speeches. After the panelists give their formal presentations, the forum is then opened up to the audience for brief impromptu speeches, either responding directly to issues brought up by the panelists, or to the topic itself. Every year the forum is held in the Lesar Law Auditorium, followed by an informal reception with punch and cookies. This forum is sponsored by the Society for Civil Discourse and the Department of Speech Communication and is open to the public.


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