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Southern Illinois residents around Williamson, Saline and Gallatin Counties have been cleaning up and recovering from the shock of a devastating EF4 tornado that ripped through the area February 29 but now Harrisburg may see something that will only add insult to injury. According to the church’s blog – blogs.sparenot.com, Westboro Baptist Church plans to come to Harrisburg to protest at the funerals of tornado victims.

Two Facebook pages have already been set up for local residents to coordinate shielding family members of the victims from this hate group.
According to the WBC blog, the reason behind the protest is because the Illinois legislature is considering passing a bill to block protests by WBC.
The WBC blog states that the six who died in the Harrisburg tornado “died for the sins of Illinois.”

Per the “Shield of Support: Protest the WBC’s Protest of Tornado Victims Funerals” Facebook page, local residents are being asked to show up at the first funeral on Saturday, March 3 to block WBC protesters. The first funeral for one of the victims is scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday morning then two are scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday and it is believed that other funerals will be held on Sunday or thereafter.
Another protest group, “Support Harrisburg — A Peaceful Protest Against WBC!”, is coordinating counter-protests starting Sunday at 9 a.m.
Any local residents who are available to help counter-protest against WBC and offer protection and dignity to the family members of the deceased should continue checking the Shield of Support Facebook page for updates and current information.

(Source: Examiner)


Comments on: "IMPORTANT: Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest Harrisburg tornado victims’ funerals" (1)

  1. “Died for the sins of Illinois?”

    Isn’t it amazing how the media helps promote their ludicrous agenda of striking people in their hour of need? Would co-dependent be a hip word to describe the relationship?

    It seems that over the last decade, or even longer, the Baptist church has decided to take on the traits of a cult. The Westboro church is just the tip of the iceberg. They are the far-side of what everyone else is trying to promote. They show up, then the lunatic fringe of the media shows, too. It’s big business for them-both of them.

    There’s always a scripture one of them will use to promote the lunacy. Jeremiah 16 stands out in my mind-a favorite among the “serial killer” seekers and wannabes.

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