(Source: Chicago Tribune)

A 29-year-old steel worker was beaten by a Chicago police sergeant last summer when he filmed officers responding to a call in the Loop, according to a federal lawsuit filed today against the city and several officers Monday.

The lawsuit also alleged that Tyrone Gillett, who is African-American, was a victim of racial discrimination during the Aug. 3 incident.

Gillett began filming with his cell phone as he was walking to a train station and saw the officers involved in a disturbance near Monroe and State streets, the suit said.

The sergeant approached a white man who was also filming the police activity and politely asked him to stop, the suit alleged.

But a short time later, when the sergeant spotted Gillett also filming the activity, he grabbed his phone, cussed at him, beat him and dragged him to the hood of a squad car, according to the suit.

Gillett was charged him with resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, but the charge was eventually dismissed in Cook County criminal court, according to the suit.

The Independent Police Review Authority, the city agency that looks into claims of misconduct against Chicago police officers, will look into the allegations in the lawsuit, said Scott Ando, its first deputy chief. A spokesman for the city’s Law Department declined  comment, saying it hadn’t seen a copy of the lawsuit.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)


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