Opponents of LGBT equality recently launched an unprecedented fifth legislative attack on foster care and adoptions by same-sex couples. While, with your support, we have successfully fought off all previous attacks on civil unions, LGBT families, and children, these victories are not guaranteed and one of them was by a razon-thin margin.  So we need your financial support right now to help us mount the most aggressive campaign possible against this attack and others that are coming our way!

Aside from our wins over the past few months defending LGBT individuals and families, we achieved so much in the 2011 fiscal year, thanks to the generous and steadfast support from our members like you.  Please take a look at our action-filled Annual Report; and I hope you can take pride in your role advancing LGBT equality in Illinois.  From newspaper editorials to in-district visits, from corporate responsibility workshops to religious roundtables, our FY2011 was filled with activities transforming the movement for LGBT equality.  Because of your support, Equality Illinois became one of the nation’s largest and most impactful statewide LGBT equality organizations. Let’s build on that momentum, and recommit to advancing full equality for LGBT people – so please make a contribution to help us continue to fight for you and all LGBT Illinoisans.

We hit the ground running in 2012 and are moving full speed ahead. Our statewide agenda includes marriage equality, hate crimes protections for transgender individuals, voter education and empowerment, comprehensive education initiatives, and religious outreach, just for starters.  There is so much more to do to achieve full equality for LGBT Illinoisans, and we cannot do it without your support.  Please make a contribution to help us move forward with our statewide efforts. LGBT Illinoisans are counting on you.

Let’s keep moving forward! 


Bernard Cherkasov
Chief Executive Officer


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